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Custom-made equipment

We produce custom-made scientific equipment for behavior research. Our concept is to develop, design and manufacture research equipment in close collaboration with our clients.

We pay special attention to the choice of appropriate materials for those parts of the equipment which an animal comes in contact with. Our own experience in behavioural neuroscience helps us to predict and correctly implement many unobvious but important for successful experimentation design features.

Our principle is that we DO NOT produce the equipment which applies aversive electric stimulation.

How to order the equipment

Send us a sketch of the equipment you need. Indicate all the important dimensions, material properties (color, transparency, matte or glossy surface etc). If possible, describe the experimental procedure.

You can send us an article with an experimental protocol instead of or in addition to a sketch.

Article, protocol

Based on your sketch we will make 3-D model of the equipment, select materials and send you an estimate.


After you will finally approve the design of the equipment we will send you an invoice. The production process will start immediately after your payment and will last from 10 to 40 days depending on the construction complexity.

As soon as your equipment is ready we will deliver it to your location.

Ready equipment

To start with ordering you can

  • fill the form on this page,
  • send us a sketch to
  • or contact us by telephone
  • (+7 910) 422-90-77

    Custom-made equipment request form

    Please attach your sketch, drawing or an article here. Maximal file size: 1Mb. Please check the file size before submitting the form.
    If you have several files please pack them into a single archive.

    Comments (optional):
    experimental procedure description, cost limit, quantity etc.

    Your name, affiliation:

    e-mail, phone number:

    Note: Large file will take time for upload. When finished, you will get the confirmation of order.