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Individual cages for laboratory animals

Perfect for individual housing for rats:
- immediately after surgery;
- for long-term housing after surgery;
- for feeding preference experiments;
- for complex pharmacological experiments.

Our individual camera is very compact and lightweight while giving an animal enough living space. Cameras can stack one upon another to save laboratory space.

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Producer: OpenScience

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HC1003 Individual cage for rats, with 1 drinking bottle and stainless steel feeder 260Add to the order
HC1003-4 Individual cage for rats, with 4 drinking bottles and stainless steel feeder 290Add to the order

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Acrylic plastic - transparent (ceiling and front door) and milk-white (floor and side walls). Feeder and drinking bottle holders from AISI304 stainless steel.


  for rats for mice
inner dimensions внутренние габариты (ГхШхВ) 300 х 230 х 200 mm under construction
external dimensions (without feeder and drinking bottles) 350 х 300 х 215 mm  
external dimensions (with feeder and two 150 ml drinking bottles) 375 х 330 х 230 mm  

Key features:

The cage is easily disassembled - you can always replace damaged parts or add new options like extra drinking bottles.

By default cage has a translucent ceiling and a front door, while its floor and side walls are made of white plasic. The cage with all surfaces made translucent is available upon request.

The cage has a wide front door and no threshold - it is easy to clean.

The door has a magnet lock - no valves or latches, very reliable and heavy duty.

Every cage is equipped with individual stainless steel feeder and a drinking bottle. It is possible to set up to six drinking bottles on a single cage (additional holders are available upon request). High drinking bottles do not prevent cage stacking.

Components included

HC1003: Камера в сборе, металлическая кормушка, 1 поилка, Technical description and warranty card

HC1003-4: Камера в сборе, металлическая кормушка, 4 поилки, Technical description and warranty card

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