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Metabolic cage

Metabolic cage allows the collection of urine from rodents for analysis of administered compounds and their metabolites. It has no metal parts contacting with urine in order to be able to evaluate urinary iron and other metals concentrations.

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Plastic - PP, PVC, acrylic (PMMA).
Glass separator.
Stainless steel fasteners not contacting with urine.


  for rats for mice
animal chamber diameter 19 cm
  • animal chamber height 17 cm
  • external dimensions 26х23х50 cm
  • Components included

    translucent acrylic animal chamber
    drinking bottle
    animal chamber grid floor
    glass faeces separator
    plastic stand with a door
    plastic container for urine (consumable)

    Components included

    AE0906: прозрачный цилиндрический отсек для животного 1 шт, поилка 1 шт, съемный пол с решеткой 1 шт, собирающая воронка 1 шт, стеклянный сепаратор каплевидной формы 1 шт, корпус (несущее основание) камеры 1 шт, контейнер для сбора мочи с крышкой 1 шт, Technical description and warranty card

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    Fig. 3

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