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Animal carrying case

Individual carrying container is suited for short-distance indoor transportation of an animal. Additionally, it can be used for separation of animal prior to experiment.

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Fig. 1

Producer: OpenScience

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Plastic (PVC, PP).


for rats for rabbits
Internal dimensions 210 х 160 х 128 mm

355 х 140 х 180 mm

external dimensions, with handle down 260 х 210 х 160 mm 410 х 195 х 200 mm

Key features

Rat carrying container has an additional side door which allows the attachement to suitable arenas and mazes to avoid handling of an animal.

The turning handle fixes itself in position when the container is lifted to prevent swinging.

Components included

AE1102-R: Переноска в сборе, Technical description and warranty card

AE1102-L: Переноска в сборе, Technical description and warranty card

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Fig. 2
Carrying case for one rat
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Fig. 3
Carrying case for one rabbit

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