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Cages for separation of rats

Individual cages for separation of animals are used for short-term simultaneous observation of many animals, including video recording, and for routine separation of animals prior to experiment. They are more convenient for observation and manipulations than standard lab animal cages.

Rat cages can be used for mice if equipped with replacement floors with smaller holes.

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Fig. 1

Producer: OpenScience

Cat.number Price In stock
AE1401-24R Set for 24 rats (12 cages, stand for 12 cages, 3 trays) 2850Add to the order
AE1401-2R Cage for separation of rats, 2 chambers 90Add to the order
AE1401-T Tray 130Add to the order
AE1401-R Wheeled frame for 12 cage stand 590Add to the order
AE1401-2MF Exchange floors for one cage, 2pcs 40Add to the order

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Front, back walls and lid - clear acrylic. Side walls - milk-white polypropylene (PP). Tray - plastic (PVC) Stand - PP, steel.


One cage, two chambers

internal chamber dimensions 16 х 15 х 16 cm
external cage (two chambers) dimensions 33 х 20.5 х 19.5 cm

Stand for 12 cages, with cages installed

external dimensions 103 х 81 х 99 cm


external dimensions 81.5 х 34 х 5 cm

Key features

According to the guidlines of animal housing, our individual cages provide limited visual, auditory and olfactory contact with conspecifics.

One set of cages together with stand allows the simultaneous observation of 24 animals.

The lid is easy to open and close with one hand.

Each chamber has individual lid and replacement floor.

Plastic hitches ensure that the cage stands steady on the stand.

Every cage has a handle for easy transportation.

Cages allow individual usage without a stand.

Components included

Cage (two chambers), 12pcs
Stand for 12 cages
Tray, 3 pcs

Cage (two chambers), 1pcs

Components included

AE1401-24R: камера с двумя отсеками 12 шт, стойка для размещения 12 камер 1 шт, поддон 3 шт, Technical description and warranty card

AE1401-2R: камера с двумя отсеками 1 шт, Technical description and warranty card

AE1401-T: поддон 1шт, Technical description and warranty card

AE1401-R: детали рамы с колесами 1шт, Technical description and warranty card

AE1401-2MF: сменные вставные полы 2шт, Technical description and warranty card

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