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Handling tunnels

A recommended method to pick up mice is to guide them into a handling tunnel, lift them inside the tunnel and transport them to their destination.

Although handling tunnels do not have to be present in the home cage to be effective, having a handling tunnel in the home cage increases recognition of a familiar safe site as well as providing cage enrichment. Home tunnels are also particularly useful for more anxious strains of animals.

More information about the usage of handling tunnels can be found in the paper below:
Gouveia K, Hurst JL (2013) Reducing Mouse Anxiety during Handling: Effect of Experience with Handling Tunnels. PLoS ONE 8(6):e66401.

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Fig. 1

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Clear acrylic


  for mice
diameter 5 cm
length 15 cm

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AE1502-M: цилиндры 10шт, Technical description and warranty card

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Fig. 2

Experiment video

Манипуляции с мышами при помощи цилиндра (12.4 M)

Видеозапись была сделана в ВЭК НИИ Митоинженерии МГУ

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