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Dark box with holes

The 'dark box with holes' test is used to study the behavior of rodents in under free choice conditions. Like the light-dark box test, it is based on a conflict between the rodent innate aversion to brightly illuminated areas and the spontaneous exploratory activity.

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The dark box is made of opaque gray PVC.


  for rats
box inner dimensions (L x W x H) 30х18х14 cm, with inclined front wall
upper holes diameter 2.2 cm
side hole diameter 6 cm
side hole position above the floor 6 cm

Key features

Sliding lid allows to put an animal inside the box.

!  During the experiment put the box into some larger arena with high vertical walls (e.g. 'Open field') to prevent an animal escape through the side hole and to provide uniform light conditions.

Components included

TS0804: Темная камера с отверстиями 1шт, Technical description and warranty card

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