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Staircase test

The "staircase" test is designed for measurement of side-specific deficits in coordinated paw movements in rats during skilled reaching and grasping tasks. It has been shown to reveal impairments on the contralateral side following unilateral lesions in a wide range of motor structures of the brain.

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Translucent durable acrylic plastic. Stainless steel screws.


  for rats
internal dimensions 300 x 60 x 90-115 mm
staircase step 14 x 6 mm

Key features

Translucent walls of the cage allow to observe animal movements laterally and from above.

Cage has a guillotine door at one end to let the animal in and a pullot block of two staircases at the opposite side.

Adjustable height to accomodate different sizes of rats.

Components included

TS0805-R: «Staircase test» setup assembled, Technical description and warranty card

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The apparatus is a plexiglas box with a removable baited double staircase. Food pellets are placed on the staircase and presented bilaterally at 7 graded stages of reaching difficulty to provide objective measures of side bias, maximum forelimb extension and grasping skill.

The product is shipped fully assembled. Carefully remove the protective film and wipe all surfaces with ethanol before use.

Experiment video

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