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Wire cylinders

Wire cylinders are designed to measure the stereotyped climbing behavior in apomorphine-treated mice, which is used as an indicator of the striatal dopamine receptors activation.

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Producer: OpenScience

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TS1401-M Wire cylinder for mice 110Add to the order
TS1401-3 Stand for 3 cylinders 120Add to the order
TS1401-M12 Set of 12 cylinders and 4 stands 1650Add to the order

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The cylinders and the stand are made from plastic (PVC, PMMA) and stainless steel wires.


Inner diameter 11.5 cm
Inner height 13 cm
external dimensions of the stand with three cylinders 55 x 19 x 22 cm

Key features

The standard set includes 12 cylinders for simultaneous recording of two six-specimen groups.

Stands allow to stack them for convenient video recording.

Components included

TS1401-M: Цилиндр с крышкой, Technical description and warranty card

TS1401-3: Стойка для трех цилиндров (цилиндры в комплект не входят), Technical description and warranty card

TS1401-M12: Цилиндр с крышкой 12шт, стойка 4шт, Technical description and warranty card

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Fig. 6
The product is shipped fully assembled. Carefully remove the protective film and wipe all surfaces with ethanol before use.

Experiment video

Вертикализация у мышей, вызванная введением апоморфина (10.7 M)

Видеозапись была сделана в ВЭК НИИ Митоинженерии МГУ

Оценка вертикализации у мышей, вызванной введением апоморфина (7.8 M)

Видеозапись была сделана в ВЭК НИИ Митоинженерии МГУ

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