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Place preference test

Conditioned place preference is a commonly used technique to assess preferences for environmental stimuli that have been associated with a positive or negative reward.

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Producer: OpenScience

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TS1402-R Place preference test for rats 1310Add to the order
TS1402-R2 Установка «Тест предпочтения места» для крыс, сменные узоры на стенках 1760Add to the order
TS1402-M Установка «Тест предпочтения места» для мышей 550Add to the order

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Solid grey PVC; inner surfaces of side chambers covered with contrast striped black and white film; Floor: stainless steel parallel wires (1st chamber) and rectangular grid (2nd chamber).

Key features

Visual cues (vertical 1.5cm/1.5cm black/white stripes, horizontal 3cm/3cm black/white stripes) are combined with different floor structure (2mm wires separated by 8mm, 2mm 10x10mm grid, 8x8mm between the wires). Floors are detachable.

A plastic tray is put below the floor of side chamber.


  for rats
side chamber 30 x 30 cm
central chamber 12 x 30 cm
wall height 40 cm
doorways rectangular, 10 x 10 cm

Components included

3-chamber setup; grid floor, wire floor, two trays;

Components included

TS1402-R: 3-х камерная установка, полы с рельефом 2 шт , Technical description and warranty card

TS1402-R2: 3-х камерная установка, полы-решетки 2 шт, поддоны 2 шт, сменные панели четырех типов 16 шт, Technical description and warranty card

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