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Light-dark box for zebrafish

Light-dark box test is traditionally used to assess the levels of anxiety, both in rodents and in Danio rerio (zebrafish). This test utilizes the scototaxis, an aversion to bright areas and preference for the dark, which is natural for zebrafish. Light-dark box test does not require pre-training.

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Fig. 1

Producer: OpenScience

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Walls and dividers are made of matte foamed PVC (black and white), translucent wall connectors of acrylic. The arena is waterproof.


height 150 mm
width 100 mm
overall length 450 mm
length of white or dark chamber (till the insertable divider) 195 mm
length of the starting chamber (between the insertable dividers) 50 mm

Components included

DA1803: Light-dark box, double wall divider, cap of the dark compartment, Technical description and warranty card

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Fig. 3
The product is shipped fully assembled. Carefully remove the protective film and wipe all surfaces with ethanol before use.

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