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Water maze test

The Morris water maze is one of the most widely used tasks in behavioral neuroscience for studying the psychological processes and neural mechanisms of spatial learning and memory. Our water maze can be supplied with a water heating system that provides temperature control to ensure the proper test conditions.

Please read the recommendations on the maze color and size at http://www.watermaze.org/

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Fig. 1

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TS1004-М2G Water maze test for rats or mice, medium, 1.5m, grey 3180Add to the order
TS1004-T Система термостатирования воды для водного лабиринта 2050Add to the order

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Water maze arena is made of solid polypropylene, has two wide drain holes and a single valve, easily attached to any 50mm drain tube. Arena is standing on a steel support (equipped with six adjustable legs; wheels are available upon request) which raises it above the floor. Platform (island) is manually adjustable for proper height.

Standard color: milk-white. Other colors are available upon request.


small size, for mice
medium size, for rats or mice
large size, for rats
arena diameter 97 cm 150 cm 180 cm
wall height 60 cm 60 cm 60 cm
island diameter 7 cm 10 cm 10 cm

Components included

  • Arena
  • Steel support
  • Island

Water circulation and heating system is available upon request (not included in the standard set).

Attention! Water circulation and heating system should be powered only from the appropriate power source that has a ground (earth) connection and is designed for min.4 kW output.

Components included

TS1004-М2G: Бассейн, металлическая подставка под бассейн, круглая платформа для животного, гибкая труба для залива воды в бассейн, гибкая труба для подключения к сливной канализации, Technical description and warranty card

TS1004-T: Насос, водонагреватель, электрический шкаф управления, Technical description and warranty card

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Fig. 2

Fig. 3
Platform with adjustable height
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Fig. 4
Система термостатирования воды

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