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Barnes test

The Barnes maze is a test to to measure spatial learning and memory in laboratory animals. Can serve as an alternative to the water maze test (Morris test) while probably being less stressful for an animal. Video tracking is recommended to record animal movements.

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Fig. 1
Arena for mice

Producer: OpenScience

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TS1102-R1 Barnes test for rats plus flat arena for mice 3190Add to the order

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The arena surface is made of matte gray plastic (polystyrene or PVC) to prevent irregular light reflections during the video recording (the camera is usually situated above the arena and is highly sensitive to the light irregularities). The supporting structure of the maze is made of solid polypropylene and steel.


  for rats for mice
arena diameter 122 cm 122 cm
holes 18, diam. 9.5 cm 40, diam 5 cm
drop box dimensions 12 х 12 х 29.5 cm
false drop box dimensions 8.6 х 5.3 х 22.5 cm
height above the floor 113 cm 113 cm

Key features

The Barnes maze consists of a circular table with 18 (rats) or 40 (mice) circular holes around the circumference of the table at an equal distance from each other and from the center of a table. Under each hole there is a slot for a box, called the drop box, or a smaller size false drop box. False drop boxes are required to make all holes visually indistinguishable.

Flat arena is easily detached from the supporting stand to allow compact storage.

Both rat and mice arenas are compatible with the same stand.

Components included

  • Flat arena
  • Supporting stand
  • Drop box
  • False drop boxes - for each hole
  • Components included

    TS1101-R: Плоская арена, подставка, убежище, ложные убежища 18шт, ключ 17мм, Technical description and warranty card

    TS1101-М: Плоская арена, подставка, убежище, ложные убежища 40шт, камера для посадки животных на арену, ключ 17мм, Technical description and warranty card

    TS1102-R1: Арены 2шт, подставка, убежище для крыс, убежище для мышей, ложные убежища для мышей 40шт, ложные убежища для крыс 18шт, камера для посадки животных на арену, ключ 17мм, Technical description and warranty card

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    Fig. 2
    Drop box, arena for mice
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    Fig. 3
    Drop box, sliding door
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    Fig. 4
    Drop box hole, arena for mice
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    Fig. 5
    Arena for mice, components included
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    Fig. 6
    Drop box and false drop box, arena for rats
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    Fig. 7
    Arena for rats, components included

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