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Y-maze test

The Y-maze, as well as T-maze, is used to study spatial working memory and and alternation behavior. Animal behavior in this test is susceptible to hippocampal disfunction. It allows to measure the willingness of rodents to explore new environments. Rodents prefer to investigate a non-visited arm of the maze. Many brain regions such as hippocampus, septum, basal forebrain, and prefrontal cortex are involved in this task.

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Fig. 1
Y-maze test for mice

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Plastic (PVC), matte grey non-reflective surface.

Key features

Floor of the arms can be detached for easy cleaning

Food wells for rewarded learning paradigm are optionally available.


  rats mice
arm width 42.5 cm 32.5 cm
arm width 14.5 cm 8.5 cm
wall height 22.5 cm 15 cm

Components included

Y-Maze, food wells (optional).

Components included

TS1301-R: Y-образная арена, ключ 2.5мм, Technical description and warranty card

TS1301-M: Y-образная арена, ключ 2.5мм, Technical description and warranty card

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Fig. 2
Y-maze test for rats
The product is shipped fully assembled. Carefully remove the protective film and wipe all surfaces with ethanol before use.

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